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5 of the easiest plants to grow for your Pergola or Patio area

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5 of the easiest plants to grow for your Pergola or Patio area

Adding plants to your pergola or patio area can make an enormous difference to the way it looks. They add colour, freshness and variety, helping create a nice flow into the rest of your backyard. We are all about low maintenance, maximum impact at Pergola Land.

So what are some of the most natural low-maintenance plants you can grow in your outdoor area that will look great but not require too much input from you?

Here is a selection of the best no-hassle foliage you can use. Ideally, for best results choose a mixture of shrubs, flowering plants and climbers to add interest and all-round greenery in your pergola or alfresco area. If you don’t have a pergola or alfresco area, we hope this blog inspires you to start thinking about your ideal backyard renovation and start your own plant collection.


Lavender is incredibly easy to grow and look after. It is drought resistant so won’t wither and die if you forget to water it occasionally. It also has a beautiful scent and colour.

You can grow this plant in individual pots, or you can plant side-by-side in the borders surrounding your pergola or alfresco, to create a colourful, fragrant border. It comes in a wide range of varieties so consider grouping different types together to add interest.

Just be aware that lavender can grow to be quite large, so either be prepared to cut them back occasionally or allow plenty of room for them to grow.


Rosemary is similar to lavender in that it is very resilient and drought resistant, and, like lavender, it can grow into large bushes. The bonus is that you can pick rosemary leaves to throw on your food while barbecuing.

Rosemary is also an excellent mosquito repellent.


Part of the appeal of spider plants (Chlorophytum comosum) is that you can use them in hanging baskets as well as in pots or flower beds. They are inexpensive and require very little attention. They grow small satellite plants, called spiderettes, which you can use as cuttings or leave to eventually grow into more spider plants.


Succulents are very on trend at the moment and can add a contemporary feel to your pergola or alfresco area. Have fun with arranging different types of succulents together in pots, ranging from miniature plants up to the bigger succulents, such as aloe vera and large cacti.


Bougainvillea plants provide vibrant colour all year round and make great climbing plants for your outdoor space.

Choose from stunning hot pink, reds, oranges and whites, and if you have a large outdoor area, use a few different coloured plants. Bougainvillea is very fast growing, and you can plant in large pots and train bougainvillea to grow up and over your pergola roofing.

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