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Easy Tips for your Alfresco Design

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Easy Tips for your Alfresco Design

With mild winters and hot summers in Australia, installing an Alfresco is a wonderful addition to your home. These modern alfresco designs have now become an essential part of new homes as they allow owners to spend time outdoors socialising and enjoying the fresh air. If you want to add an alfresco to your home, there are several things to keep in mind to create a functional, comfortable, and beautiful space outside.

Here are a few tips on designing the perfect alfresco pergola.

Figure Out the Alfresco Layout and Size

The alfresco design you choose will primarily depend on the kind of activities you’re looking to accommodate as well as your block size. Next, decide whether you wish for an intimate and small space or a large and spacious one.

You’ll likely need to set up zones to differentiate various activities like relaxation, socialising, and cooking while allowing enough space for proper flow of traffic. Finally, consider the natural elements in your area, like the sun orientation along with prevailing winds when locating the alfresco on your property.

Incorporate privacy

Modern alfresco designs don’t include walls. If having adequate privacy is essential, then you must think of that during the planning stage.

Luckily, there are plenty of alfresco pergola additions that you can deploy to get that privacy. For instance, adding privacy screens and blinds can prevent any lurking eyes.

Make It Convenient

As an extension of your living space, your alfresco must be readily accessible from your house. Set it up such that there is a smooth transition when you are going to enjoy time in your beautiful outdoor space.

A good alfresco design strategy is to have the food preparation area located near the indoor kitchen. That way, you reduce trips when sourcing ingredients. Also, think about how you’ll be accessing water and power when planning the space.

Consider your lifestyle when deciding the best amenities to incorporate into your alfresco. Adding a fireplace can make the space usable in winter, while bar and dining areas are ideal for socialising.

Use complementary alfresco designs

Your alfresco pergola should complement the architectural style of your home. It should include interior finishes to provide a continuous transition outdoors.

Using similar ceiling details, lighting fixtures, chair designs are some elements to consider. Also, incorporating similar alfresco roof designs helps to create that unified look.

Hire a Specialist Alfresco Builder

Building an alfresco is easy with Pergola Land. Once you have settled on a design you like, leave the building work to skilled professionals. Your alfresco will be built to the highest quality standards, on budget and within the allocated time from the designing phase to successful completion. Talk to a Pergola Land consultant today to start planning your alfresco.

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