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Outdoor Entertaining.. an Entertainer’s Dream!

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Outdoor Entertaining.. an Entertainer’s Dream!

An outdoor entertaining area is such a fabulous addition to any home… An Entertainer’s Dream! It keeps the inside of your home clean and clear of mess, whilst you and your guests can enjoy the great outdoors, no matter what the weather throws at you. It’s just a matter of what kind of party you are going to host. We have listed a few ideas below for some inspiration.

A Classic Backyard BBQ

You can’t go wrong with a traditional barbecue, inviting family, friends, children and pets. You don’t even need a reason for this occasion; just a love of people and eating. Food brings people together and a barbecue keeps the food coming. Further, it transitions easily from day into night.

BBQ’s are especially great occasions for summer fun in the sun. Guests can get some vitamin D in the sun, and then cool off under a polycarbonate pergola roof for a repose. With polycarbonate, Ultra-Violet and Infra-Red heat are blocked, yet natural light still can seep through.

Children’s Birthday Party

A backyard Birthday party for your littles is the perfect idea! There are no extra fees for renting a space or party planners, not much to worry about in terms of transportation or timing, and a lot of freedom for the children to run and play as they wish.

A deck is an ideal space for a birthday party! The kids will be entertained with some fun outdoor games like pin the tail on the donkey, or various relay games. Have parents help serve some simple pre-prepared food and then don’t forget to sing with the birthday cake!

Play some kid-friendly tunes so that when the kids finish eating, they can use the patio as an outdoor dance-floor and let out the rest of their energy. Colourful decorations create an atmosphere of extra fun and splendour; using balloons and streamers can go a long way.

Ladies’ Wine Night

Instead of going to your favourite wine bar with your girlfriends, bring wine night to your very own backyard. Having a beautiful patio will make these occasions even more special and intimate, while maintaining that feel for glamour. You can also add decorative touches yourself or with friends, such as strings of lights, floating candles, or vases of flowers for a romantic atmosphere. Citronella candles around the outskirts of your patio will deter mosquitoes. Add a smorgasbord of cheeses and cured meats and some light jazz and you have a perfect night ahead of you!

Summer High Tea

Take advantage of the easy-breeziness of your patio with a classy high-tea for you and your friends. Use a tower of trays loaded with finger-food goodies, like cucumber sandwiches, mini pettifor pastries, chocolates, and fruits. Some freshly baked scones with cream and jam will also complement the teas beautifully. Don’t forget the tea!


Many styles of patios will need the needs of a backyard party, however an Alfresco roof with insulated panels is the perfect solution as it which regulate temperature, while still allowing you to view sights from your yard. Additionally, patio light panels add an effect of authenticity, providing light that responds to natural light as the sun moves. As a bonus, prep some take-away treats for your guests to bring home!

If your existing pergola needs replacing or you are looking to install a brand new one, Pergola Land can design a customised structure that suits your needs and aspirations.

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