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How to Maintain Your Entertaining Area: Everything You Need to Know


How to Maintain Your Entertaining Area: Everything You Need to Know

Outdoor structures are more prone to damage because of exposure to weather elements. Preventive maintenance can extend your pergola’s lifetime, giving you many years of enjoyment and repaying your investment. Read on for our top tips.

Cleaning Your Pergola

The first step to keeping your pergola in pristine condition is regular cleaning.

Dirt deposits can build up on the surface of your pergola. If the dirt is left to build up over time, the surface finish of the paint can deteriorate. This is because the dirt absorbs moisture present in the atmosphere, and this moisture can contain salt or other impurities. The combination of dirt and contaminated moisture can cause the deterioration of any finish.

In urban areas, washing every six months should be ample. In coastal or industrial areas, it is advised to wash your structure every one to three months.

Generally, normal rainfall is sufficient to keep the outside of your aluminium framed structure clean, but it is still important to look for dust or salt build-up. If cleaning is required, wash with clean water.

You should regularly wash with fresh water where rainwater can’t reach, such as the underside of your structure. This helps maintain your aluminium and washes away any dust or pollutant build-up.

Cleaning Your Deck

To help to keep your timber or aluminium decking at its best, it is essential to maintain it. Ensure you regularly sweep your deck to clear off any dust or leaves.

Occasionally, you will need to clean your timber deck with a specialised deck cleaning product. Once cleaned, reseal your deck with decking oil. However, aluminium decks don’t need decking oil because they’re naturally rust-resistant.

Consider Deck Exposure

The more exposed your timber deck, the greater its exposure is to the weather. Therefore, in less exposed areas, re-application of oil will need to be done less regularly.

Timber decks generally aren’t as resistant to the weather as aluminium decks. Therefore, if they are exposed to the elements for extended periods, timber structures should be maintained regularly to avoid splitting or splintering of the boards and to reduce the chance of rotting.

What to Avoid

When maintaining your entertaining area, avoid using strong detergents. The chemicals can ruin the appearance of your pergola and make it more susceptible to damage. It’s also wise to avoid using pressure washers since these can damage the structure.

Wrapping Up

Besides making your outdoor space functional, Decks and pergolas encourage you to spend more time with your family and friends while sheltering you from the elements and adding value to your home. Therefore, it makes sense to keep your pergola in good condition.

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