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How To Start A Flourishing Herb Garden/Kitchen Garden On Your Deck Or Patio

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How To Start A Flourishing Herb Garden/Kitchen Garden On Your Deck Or Patio

Many people wrongly believe that growing herbs is difficult. In reality, it’s easy, provided you know exactly what you want. Besides helping you make tastier meals, these plants add an air of freshness to your outdoor space. Some herbs have pleasant scents that can elevate the mood around your patio. Others have beautiful flowers and leaves that make the place more colourful.

What do you need?

Before anything, you need to prepare containers for growing your mini garden. You can use almost anything, from plastic bags to metal tins, provided it has a few drainage holes at the bottom. However, you might want to choose beautiful containers that won’t compromise the appearance of your patio.

The good thing about these plant containers is that you can rearrange them whenever you want to revamp your outdoor space.

After preparing the container, add soil. Loamy soils are the best because they offer excellent drainage. Don’t use clay because it gets water-logged quickly or sand as it drains too fast. Fill three-quarters of the container with soil, then add enough water until it’s wet.

What can you grow?

It’s advisable to embrace variety when growing plants in your kitchen garden. It would be best to combine fragrant flowers with evergreen shrubs like lavender, rosemary, sage, and thyme. The latter two are excellent because they have variegated leaves and beautiful flowers.

Additionally, you can grow some edible plants like lettuce. Fast-growing herbs like basil and coriander are also a great option, as they allow you to plant multiple crops.

How do you make your garden attractive?

The arrangement of your growing containers impacts the outlook of your pergola. Here are valuable tips to improve the visual appeal of your herb garden.

  • Use different-sized growing containers.
  • Grow larger plants in free-standing pots and place them near the walls. On the other hand, hang small plants or place them in-between the larger ones.
  • Add small trellises to accommodate climbing plants.
  • Grow climbers in hanging pots or around container edges.
  • Paint your plant pots to match the colour scheme of your outdoor space.

Additional Growing Tips

The following are lesser-known tips that can help your kitchen plants grow faster and healthier.

  • Ensure that all herbs have similar sunshine and moisture requirements to grow many species in one container.
  • Avoid growing different mint species in one pot because they’ll lose their unique flavours.
  • Baby plants can’t flourish in tiny containers. Get larger growing containers for these types of plants.
  • Ensure that plants with extensive root systems are grown in individual containers.

Final Words

If you’re yet to create a herb garden on your patio, now is the perfect time! Herbs can transform your bland outdoor decking into a colourful relaxation space. Even better, spices like rosemary and coriander and vegetables such as lettuce can improve your culinary exploits.

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