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7 Top Tips for Elevating Your Pergola to Resort Level

7 Top Tips for Elevating Your Pergola to Resort Level

Your pergola creates a relaxing space to shield yourself from the sun or rain while enjoying the beautiful outdoors. Here’s how you can turn your pergola into an exquisite feature.

Add lighting

Lights can turn any space from drab to five-star looking. Choose a lighting theme of your choice such as the following:

  • Hanging string or fairy lights for a dreamy look
  • Paper lanterns to give a stunning, sophisticated look
  • Lighting stairways to bring an air of mystery
  • Pendant lighting for a beautiful coastal feel
  • Curtain lights that create a twinkling, out-of-this-world experience

Whichever theme you choose, lights serve the dual purpose of making your pergola night- use friendly. You may choose to add external lighting or build the lights into the pergola itself.

Choose the right furniture

Decorating and furnishing your pergola is essential to transforming your backyard from plain to palace quality.

Find the right furniture pieces that blend perfectly, as well as the best accessories to bring it all together flawlessly. Go for fine fabrics, rich wood, and other items that signal elegance and luxury. It’s best to steer clear of obvious synthetics as they often cheapen the look.

Add a statement swing

Nothing says luxury and relaxation like a patio-style swing seat or hammock while you enjoy the cool breeze.

Consider adding swing features as a permanent fixture on your pergola. Remember to steer clear of plastic and instead opt for wood or another natural material.

Add plants

Adding the vibrancy and beauty of plant life brings colour and infuses a relaxing resort-style feel. As most pergolas have open and louvred roof styles, plants grow well.

Here are some ideas:

  • Plant basket hangers on the lattice or roof grooves. You can choose different colours to give it an extra flair.
  • Place large potted plants such as ferns and palms at the posts.
  • Grow climbers like vines or climbing roses on the posts or roof.

Increase privacy

Increasing the privacy of your pergola adds to the sophistication. So, consider decorating in a way that closes off the pergola. Some ideas include:

  • Privacy screening that allows air flow and natural light through
  • Motorised outdoor blinds that retain privacy, but allow a view outside

Paint and Stain

The colour of the pergola contributes to the overall style. If you have a wooden alfresco area, you can change colours when you need to. However, if your pergola is constructed with steel or aluminium, you won’t be able to change the colour, so choose carefully.

Select colours that promote relaxation. Avoid busy colours that will overstimulate the area, defeating the resort-style appeal. An additional benefit of painting is keeping the wood protected against the elements.

Install heating and cooling solutions

Excess heat or cold will throw off the whole luxury resort atmosphere. So, add features to your pergola that allow for maximum comfort.

Some features to consider include:

  • Heaters
  • Fire pits
  • Large fans

Final thoughts

Use these tips to level up an ordinary pergola into a luxurious state-of-the-art feature that will shoot up the value of your home.

Remember, your pergola won’t look any better if the decking is of poor quality. So choose the best timber decking design to ensure your outdoor decking is up to scratch. Get in touch with Pergola Land today.

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