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Keep Your Alfresco Area Warm and Cosy during Winter

Keep Your Alfresco Area Warm and Cosy during Winter

Keep Your Alfresco Area Warm and Cosy during Winter

Australian winters can get pretty cold, and keeping yourself and your family warm is essential. Alfrescos are well known for being perfect outdoor entertainment areas, especially during the summer. But more and more Australians are looking to adapt their Alfresco to make them warm and cosy during the cooler months. 

If you want to make your alfresco usable year-round – follow these tips!

Install Fire Pits and Patio Heaters

Fire pits are excellent heat sources for keeping warm outside. Besides the cold months, these pits have bright orange flames that make your patio beautiful. They’re available in many sizes and designs. Just don’t forget to use your fire pit in a clear, open space and not under your alfresco, to avoid damage to your roof.

Patio heaters are effective at heating outdoor areas and use space optimally. 

Although fire pits and heaters have their uniqueness, both keep you warm. Fire pits are casual and communal. Fire pits are an ideal outdoor party companion if you enjoy inviting friends over. 

If you want a more permanent heating solution, opt for an inbuilt patio heater such as a heat strip. It takes zero space, and its minimalism conforms to contemporary design trends.

Install a Pergola Roof

A pergola roof is a versatile installation. During winter, it keeps you warm by insulating the outdoor space, and it protects you against rain during all seasons. Lastly, roofs guarantee extra comfort and functionality. 

Add Some Lights

Winter days can often be dull, but you can brighten your patio by adding LED lighting. They are a cost-effective solution to brightening up a cold winter’s day. Lighting options for your alfresco are endless. 

Snacks and Drinks

A glass of wine and some tasty snacks add greatness to your outdoor experience. Some good bites and a few drinks can transform what would otherwise be a dreary occasion into a happy one. You can even consider installing an outdoor kitchen, adding a large dining table, or even an outdoor lounge if space permits.

You can better the experience by hooking up a music system. Then, as you dance to the sweet tunes, you will be keeping warm while having fun! 

Final Words

Winter isn’t an excuse to stop going outdoors. It just takes a little creativity and a small investment to create a cosy and inviting space. 

At Pergola Land, we are industry leaders in patios, decks and pergolas. We take pride in installing functional outdoor structures that make your backyard space fun and relaxing all year round. If you’d like to upgrade your outdoor space, call us today on 1300 655 979 for inquiries.


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