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Keep Your Pergola Clean and Well-Maintained Ahead of Spring Entertaining


Keep Your Pergola Clean and Well-Maintained Ahead of Spring Entertaining

Patios and pergolas reinstate the importance of family time; they also add value and beauty to your property. You can host intimate gatherings with friends and family, seeking solace and freedom in the outdoors. To enjoy these benefits, you need to maintain your pergola.

Here are our tips for keeping your pergola ready for spring and summer entertaining. 

Cleaning a Pergola

Regular cleaning keeps your pergola looking new and extends its lifespan. Ensure that you sweep the surface with a soft bristle broom regularly. During autumn, you might have to do it more often to remove leaves and other debris.

After sweeping, use a damp cloth and soapy water to wipe off dust. Focus more on corners and joints, as these tend to harbour dirt and grime. Be mindful and avoid using strong, abrasive detergents because they can damage your patio’s finish.

Maintaining a Pergola

The material used on your pergola determines how you maintain it. For example, Pergola Land uses polycarbonate and Colorbond® steel in its pergola roofing.

Polycarbonate Roofing

Polycarbonate is easy to clean and maintain. You can use water and a damp cloth to remove the easy stains and a mild detergent on tougher spots.

Once cleaned, rinse the surface with cold water and dry with a soft cloth to reduce water spotting.

Colorbond® Steel

Ensure you remove leaves and other debris from your steel roof. Leaving these causes clogging and increases the risk of premature corrosion.

Penetration points on steel roofs are susceptible to corrosion. Therefore, when inspecting the roof, reapply sealants to prevent water accumulation in these spots.

Lastly, inspect the roof for punctures caused by falling objects. This is especially important if you stay in an area prone to strong winds and other natural hazards.

Importance of Regular Inspections

Besides cleaning and maintenance, you must conduct regular inspections on your pergola. This way, you can detect minor issues before they worsen and become expensive to fix. Such problems include water damage, mildew and build-up of debris. Sometimes, neglecting minor problems eventually results in replacing the entire structure.

What to Avoid

As mentioned earlier, abrasive detergents can damage your pergola. Other practices to avoid include using fillers to fix cracks and using bathroom cleaners and acidic materials. Fillers don’t work, while acids and bathroom detergents risk damaging your pergola.

Final Words

Pergolas are a worthwhile investment. They allow you to relax, enjoy an uninterrupted view of the surrounding, and break the monotony of staying indoors. That said, they’re best when appropriately maintained. Care for it properly and you’ll enjoy seasonal evenings in the yard.

At Pergola Land, we have an extensive range of products suited for outdoor living. Visit us today to find out more.

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