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Spring time is Pergola time

Pergola Builders Sydney - by Pergola Land

Spring time is Pergola time

Pergolas create a focal point for your backyard that you can utilize in many ways; even for just relaxing outside in more beautiful surrounding. No time like spring to enjoy your backyard.

These fantastic structures inspire a sense of outdoor living space whilst still allowing you to enjoy the comfort of your own home. They create a room with no walls if you will. Here are 3 reasons why Spring time is Pergola time:

Invite the Outdoors

Spring is a warm-up (pun intended) for summer! It is during both these seasons that you will spend most of your time outdoors. That is why it’s the ideal timing for installing your pergola and making the most of it for the year. It adds architectural dimension to make it feel like another living area of the home and therefore makes your backyard that much more appealing. With so many styles and designs to choose from, you can custom design how you transform your outdoor space. Suit your taste and make the ideal place for family and invited guests to spend a relaxing time in with your pergola.


Of course, you’ll want to be outside as much possible during this season, but you’ll also want to protect yourself from the sun, especially as you look ahead towards summer. If you already have a barbecue, sunbathing area, or pool, you’ll want a spot to take a reprise in. Adding a pergola is the perfect complement and a way to create a protected shady location. The options at Pergola Land have a variety of pergola roofing selections. For example, a Polycarbonate roof lets spectacular natural light in, while simultaneously blocking heat energy, so you can stay extra cool. Alfresco insulated roofs can allow you to install fans and LED lights for nighttime, and a louvered roof allows you to adjust the roof according to the conditions by closing off specialized blades at your convenience.

Flowers and Vines

It’s no secret that flowers bloom and come to life in the spring. Covering your pergola in special climbing plants will make it seem fuller, while adding charm and dimension. Plus, they are a fantastic way to provide natural shade and also can offer extra privacy. A pergola can allow you to make a wonderful display of this luscious plant-life. You can even become creative about the way you arrange this array of flora and fauna in and around the pergola. For example, climbing roses are superbly romantic and elegant, and honeysuckle vines gracefully drape over the edges of your pergola while adding a gorgeous aroma to your garden. Additionally, you may choose to border the pergola with other plants and flowers which are likely to blossom in the springtime as well.

Your Missing Ingredient

Pergolas are excellent additions to your outdoor space that you can decorate with gorgeous creeping vines and blossoms, or design with a permanent roof attached. Their beauty and openness create an alluring atmosphere that you will certainly appreciate during the warm months to come. In addition to Pergolas, Pergola Land also offers outdoor decking, patios, and pool surroundings. Our team will also manage any approvals required by Council. Contact us today for any questions.

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