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5 Things to consider when adding a pergola to your home

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5 Things to consider when adding a pergola to your home

A pergola is the perfect addition to your backyard, especially if you enjoy entertaining.

Imagine family lunches, sophisticated dinner parties and long, summer nights spent in this space. It will create the perfect area for socialising no matter what the weather is, while also adding significant value to your home.

If you’ve decided that you want to add a pergola to your backyard, here are 5 things to consider to when adding a pergola to your home to get the perfect one for your requirements and desired aesthetic.

 1. Choose a position

Before you pick the style of pergola, you need to decide where you want it to be built. Will it be an addition to your pool area? A BBQ entertainment zone connected to you home? A separate, more private area where your teenagers can have friends over away from the house? Think about the purpose of this space as well as the layout of your backyard. This will help you to identify the most logical place for your pergola.

2. Decide on materials

There are various materials available to build your pergola. Determine your budget for this project then research materials within your price range. You might opt for a natural timber decking design or something more modern using aluminium framing. Whatever material you choose, make sure that they suit your house and overall property. You want to achieve a seamless look, as opposed to the pergola seeming out of place.

3. Consider the layout

If you are going to invest in a pergola, you want to ensure that it fulfills its intended purpose. Have a think about your pergola and what it will be used for. This will impact the layout of the pergola. For instance, if you have a large family and are expecting to host big groups, you will want enough space for a large dining table and lots of chairs. If you will be spending a lot of time in the pergola with your children and pets, you might want to consider having open space so that they can play and lounge around. Ideally, you want a space that is functional so that it will get used regularly.

4. Choose a roof

There are many types of roofing to choose from and it will all depend on your desired aesthetic. Will a basic, flat roof suit your backyard? Perhaps something more pitched and decorative will create the vibe you are looking for? Maybe an opening roof is more your style as it will further create the feeling of being outdoors? The choice is yours and with the many options available, you will be sure to find something that suits your taste.

5. Consider lighting

The final major consideration when choosing a pergola is lighting. If you are planning on using the space during the day, you will want to be able to enjoy the sunshine. Make sure that it is built with this in mind, whether that be the inclusion of windows or an opening roof. You also need to consider lighting in order to make it usable at night. Standard light fittings are likely to be enough to cook the barbecue, but if you’re looking to make a statement, something bolder might be a good option. These can be used as decorative pieces to create your desired theme.

Whether you are looking for a modern Alfresco design or outdoor decking for your pergola, Pergola Land can help. Contact us today for more information.

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