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The Top 5 Benefits of Pergola Privacy Screens

Benefits of Pergola Privacy Screens

The Top 5 Benefits of Pergola Privacy Screens

Privacy screens are gaining popularity in outdoor living spaces, and deservedly so. Installing such on your alfresco pergola makes it inviting, intimate, and perfect for solace, romantic getaways or entertaining loved ones. Besides, these screens can make your outdoor space more attractive.

Here are the top benefits of installing privacy screens on your pergola.

UV Protection

Despite its many benefits, the sun produces harmful UV rays, which increase the risk of sunburn, skin cancer, and other conditions. Privacy screens filter excess sunlight and offer important UV protection, ensuring the adverse and long-term effects are lessened.

In the short term, this protection guarantees extra comfort. If you want to nap during the day, these screens guarantee it.


As the name suggests, privacy screens offer privacy. Your backyard is an integral part of your home that hosts gatherings and allows you to enjoy the place. You can also use it for a small gardening project. Regardless of how you use it, privacy is always desirable.

For instance, backyard parties are better when passers-by or neighbours can’t see what’s happening. You can enjoy your fun without worrying about others peeping with privacy screens. When your mind is relaxed, you’ll enjoy the event more too!

Visual Appeal

Another benefit of installing privacy screens is increased beauty. These screens spark visual interest, especially when installed in strategic locations.

Many people use hedges or concrete walls as a fence. A privacy screen adds uniqueness and beauty, and you can choose a design to suit your existing décor. You can also customise it to your preferred traditional or contemporary style.

Moreover, privacy screens obscure unavoidable items that make your yard unattractive. These include dirt mounds and tools like wheelbarrows, shovels, etc. When you have a screen, others can’t see them.

Protection Against Harsh Weather

Relaxing outdoors is cool, but at any second, it can become unliveable. Privacy screens protect against harsh weather, allowing you to prolong your time outdoors.

A well-ventilated screen allows you to enjoy cool breezes while offering some protection against strong gusts. On the other hand, semi-enclosed screens reduce the heat and UV lights that penetrate, making them ideal for hot summer months.

Additionally, adequately aligned privacy screens extend the lifespan of your outdoor furniture. The sun makes fabric fade faster, so the protection offered by screens can help your outdoor furniture last longer.

Reduced Energy Bills

Privacy screens reduce the amount of solar radiation penetrating your house, indirectly contributing to lower energy bills. The sun heats your home, increasing temperatures and forcing you to switch on the air conditioner. With privacy screens, the amount of sunlight reduces, resulting in less compulsion to turn on the AC unit. This leads to lower monthly bills.


Privacy screens offer more than confidentiality. They beautify your yard, protect against the elements, and reduce energy bills. In some cases, they can increase your home’s value.

If you want a privacy screen as part of your pergola or outdoor decking, consult with the experts at Pergola Land. It’s a choice you won’t regret!

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