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Our Favourite Potted Plants That Are Perfect All Year-Round on a Patio

best patio potted plants

Our Favourite Potted Plants That Are Perfect All Year-Round on a Patio

Greenery and blossoming plants add colour, attract birds and other pollinators, and breathe life into your outdoor space. Most potted plants are easy to care for, attractive, and versatile, making them excellent additions to your pergola or patio.

Moreover, these plants are put in your control. Whether you have a small or large space, you can enjoy watering the potted plants and watching them.

Here are a few potted plants that can grow all year round.

Golden Sword Yucca

The golden sword yucca is an evergreen plant that grows throughout the year. It’s pretty hardy and tolerates harsh climates and extreme temperatures.

The yucca has swordlike leaves with a two-inch diameter. These leaves are golden yellow with thin, dark-green margins and curly fibres at the edges. They give the plant an architectural frame that grows up to three feet tall with a similar width.

The golden sword yucca thrives in sunny conditions but can grow under partial shade. In summer, it produces creamy white blossoms with a pleasant scent. The foliage plateaus in late winter and starts regrowing in spring.


Hebes are beautiful, compact evergreen shrubs that flourish in pots. When young, the plant’s leaves are purple and become pale green upon maturity. In autumn, it produces pink, purple, or white flowers that attract pollinators.

Some hebe variants are frost intolerant, so choose a plant suited to your hardiness. Generally, small-leaved breeds are hardier than those with large leaves.

Avoid removing too many leaves when pruning hebes. This can overwhelm the plant, making it difficult to regrow. Also, ensure you water it during summer.

Emerald & Gold

As the name suggests, emeralds and golds add a luxurious feel to your patio. This shrub has several attractive and compact variants with green and gold variegated leaves.

Upon maturity, an emerald and gold shrub is three feet tall and spans four to six feet, making it suitable for larger pots. Its large size means you can use it as your patio’s focal point.

Bonsai Trees

Bonsai trees are a great addition to any outdoor space. Since they’re short, the trees need regular pruning to keep them in the proper size and shape. So, despite their beauty, they are high-maintenance plants.

Bonsais are available in many varieties. Juniper and pine remain green throughout the year, while Japanese maples turn bright yellow, deep red, or purple in fall, making a significant, colourful impact on your garden.

Bonsai trees need a lot of work, so it’s advisable to join an online community to learn how to take care of them. You must know when it goes dormant and what can hurt its health. It’s an exciting experience because bonsai can last for centuries.

Wrapping Up

Planted containers add colour and breathe life to your patio, transforming it into a liveable space. The above options guarantee beauty in all seasons, including the coldest months.

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