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5 Ways To Make Your BBQ Area Both Practical And Beautiful

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5 Ways To Make Your BBQ Area Both Practical And Beautiful

Outdoor BBQs bring some fun and enjoyment during the summer. They give you the perfect opportunity to spend time among friends and family in the cool of the fresh outdoors.

It’s important to get your BBQ area up to scratch to provide a practical, user-friendly spot for your BBQ, which is also pleasing to the eye. Let’s go over some tips to level up your area.

Consider the material

Your BBQ area should be comfortable enough for your guests without any risk of slipping or getting hurt. From the outdoor decking to the surfaces, choose a material that ensures safety but doesn’t compromise on aesthetics or budget.

The table below shows some common deck design options for BBQ areas:

BrickAttractive with low maintenanceIt can become uneven over time


CementVersatile and cost-effectiveDifficult to install and isn’t comfortable when it’s cold
Stone/ GraniteAttractive finishMore expensive

Absorbs grease and oil

WoodEasy to use


Requires cleaning and sealing

Myriad design options

Often feels too cold in winter

Slippery when wet

Remember to choose a material that blends with the rest of your home. You can use the same material for the flooring and countertops or mix it up – for example, timber on the deck and stone or granite for the surfaces.

Choose a design

The layout of your BBQ area will not only affect how comfortable your guests are but will also influence how easy a day of hosting is for you.

For instance, if you have an outdoor kitchen, you may consider adding the BBQ as an extension to save you going back and forth between the kitchen and the BBQ.

If you have a large backyard space, you may want to place the grill as far away from the sitting area as possible so your guests can eat and drink uninterrupted by the food preparation or smoke.

Choose a layout

Your layout will depend on your:

  • Space
  • The volume of traffic
  • Design theme

To improve the ease of use, make the transition from the house to the BBQ as seamless as possible. For instance, position the seating areas so that you don’t have to make any awkward turns and can simply integrate with your guests.

It’s also a great idea to have your sitting area facing a focal point of your garden with a beautiful view. Increase the ‘wow’ factor with a water feature, sculpture or glorious greenery.

Include practical equipment

Your BBQ area should come fitted with features that make it easy and convenient to use. For instance, include a large sink that gives you ample space to wash vegetables or hands (and saves you dripping through the house).

Consider adding drawers and enough storage space to keep the area looking neat and organised, saving you on time and stress. You may also consider adding a small fridge to keep drinks cool for your guests.

Invest in quality utensils

It’s also important to get a quality BBQ grill, seats, and other utensils that give your space an upmarket feel. Ensure that even the smallest of utensils accentuate your space.

To conclude

Creating a beautiful BBQ area comes down to the choice of material, design layout, and how equipped your space is. Ensure you blend everything seamlessly to create a great yet practical look. Get in touch with the Pergola Land team for more tips on tailoring your outdoor decking and living space.

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