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11 Tips to Make the Most of a Small Outdoor Space

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11 Tips to Make the Most of a Small Outdoor Space

If you don’t have an expansive outdoor space, it’s easy to think you have limited design options. In reality, the only limitation is your creativity. You can transform that tiny yard into an adorable paradise with a few smart choices. Here’s how to do it.

Consider it An Extension to Your House

If your outdoor space is small, treat it like another room in your house. Upgrade your old sliding door to bifold doors, to increase your indoor/outdoor living space. Add an Alfresco pergola for a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors. 

Grow a Variety of Plants

It’s natural to grow small plants if you have a small backyard. However, many homeowners don’t know that undersized plants emphasise the smallness of a space. For this reason, experts recommend growing various plants to create an illusion of space.

Large shrubs work best for tight spaces. However, avoiding dense varieties is best because they take up more of your precious space. If you’re growing trees, select those with multiple stems. The spaces between the branches allow you to peer through the gaps, creating an illusion of space. 

Use Space-Saving Furniture

Another way to optimise a small backyard is to invest in space-saving furniture. Whether you want to use your yard as a relaxation spot or an outdoor dining room, there are many compact pieces of furniture you can buy. 

For example, you can purchase foldable and mobile furniture. These are easy to move when not in use. Foldable chairs are particularly convenient because they allow you to play around with space – when you need more room, all you need to do is fold them. 

Install Multifunctional Furniture

Installing multifunctional furniture allows you to save space. For instance, a storage bench provides a sitting spot and storage space for your outdoor equipment. This way, you keep the space you’d have otherwise used if each piece of furniture served a single purpose. 

Think Vertically

One of the clever ways to make a small space look bigger is by adding vertical elements. To put this in perspective, think about big cities. Why do they have so many skyscrapers? It’s because vertical space can be condensed much easier than horizontal areas. You can use this knowledge to design your yard’s layout. A vertical garden or an outdoor mirror are beautiful additions to any backyard.

Besides providing additional room for different elements of your tiny backyard, designing vertically draws attention to an otherwise used space. As a result, the outdoor area looks taller and more spacious.  

Create a Small Outdoor Kitchen

Summers are more exciting when you enjoy a barbeque with friends. Consider creating a corner or wall as an outdoor kitchen if you have a small outdoor space. Investing in an outdoor kitchen can add significant value to your property. 

There is a large variety of outdoor kitchens on the market. You can install a basic kitchen with a built-in barbeque and storage cupboards, all the way up to a completely functional outdoor kitchen with a sink, fridge, extra bench space, even a dishwasher! 

Build A Small Pool

You don’t need a huge backyard to construct an in-ground swimming pool. Whether you prefer a prefabricated unit or looking for a pool designer, you can choose a shape that suits your space. Remember, having a rectangular or kidney bean-shaped pool isn’t a must – you can construct a pool that conforms to your landscape.

For instance, infinity pools are ideal for sloping terrains. Although expensive, these pool types accentuate the landscapes and use spaces that would have otherwise been idle.

Since small backyards are suitable for compact pool designs, your project will be better for soaking and winding up rather than swimming laps. However, a lap pool can work if you have a long and narrow yard. 

Consider the Elements

Unexpected weather changes can be frustrating, especially if you’re relaxing on your deck or patio. Therefore, it’s essential to consider the elements when designing your outdoor space. Protection against the sun, winds, and rains makes the room usable throughout the year. 

Invest in an alfresco or pergola to shield you from rainfall and scorching sunlight. Screening around the deck can provide some privacy while reducing the impact of wind. More importantly, select furniture with fade-resistant and waterproof upholstery. These make your work easier.

Paint Your Space

Most people don’t consider it worthwhile to paint small spaces. Yet, painting a small yard can do wonders. Colours work well in small areas because they draw attention, creating a diversion from the size. 

When painting a small outdoor space, use colours that complement your home and garden. Use whites to create a modern, crisp feel, pastels to add a sense of luxury, or even a bold colour to create a focal point.

‘Plant’ Faux Grass

Consider faux grass if you can’t grow natural grass and other green plants in your yard. It’s a practical and easy-to-maintain option. Once you install it, all you need to do is to keep it clean. After all, it works anywhere, regardless of size. More importantly, it gives off similar vibes to natural grass.

Be Flexible

Outdoor spaces are versatile; sometimes, you can use them for sole reading and reflecting. At other times, you can use them for hosting friends’ parties. For this reason, it’s wise to use stackable furniture. For example, stackable stools save space, as you can use them for seating or as tables.

Wrapping Up

Regardless of your outdoor space size, you can make it look bigger. First, make the most of vertical space by growing climbing plants or erecting high fences. Then, choose your colour palette. 

Lastly, consider using multifunctional furniture for your outdoor decking. Doing this saves the space you would have otherwise used if you chose standard equipment. If you want professional help designing your small backyard, get in touch with Pergola Land today. We specialise in installing outdoor structures that will make your space functional.

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