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Expand your living space with a pergola and enjoy these summer relaxation activities


Expand your living space with a pergola and enjoy these summer relaxation activities

A pergola extends your livable space giving you more room to entertain and enjoy the outdoors. Here’s how to make the most out of your pergola during summertime.

Designing your pergola for summer

To maximise the full use of your space during the summer, ensure that your pergola provides adequate shade. There’s no best fit solution for keeping your pergola shaded from the sun, so choose a method that works well with your budget and is easy to maintain.

Here are some tips for cooling your outdoor space:

  • Creepers over the pergola. Planting vines with lots of foliage like grapes will add more cover to the top of your pergola.
  • Add a canopy to provide shade. You can use a permanent or retractable fabric or shade sail. If you want a more permanent solution for both rain and sun, add roof panels.
  • Use fans, outdoor coolers, or louvred screens.
  • Leave open spaces. Avoid overcrowding the pergola with furniture or plants—leave some room for proper aeration.

Apart from making it cool, your outdoor area will be more enjoyable if it’s aesthetically pleasing, so use only the highest quality materials and decorate your pergola with fun summery details. Here are some decorating ideas: 

  • Use light-coloured cushions on your outdoor seats to enhance the summery feel.
  • Include decorative wall art to spruce up the space.
  • Add leafy pot plants to the area to create a natural and calm space.
  • Hang potted plants on the beams to give a natural bright look.

With a cool and beautiful outdoor space, you can enjoy numerous relaxing activities such as;


Board games are the perfect entertainment for any season, so let the games begin. Select the games you fancy depending on the company you’re with— family games, couples challenges, or kids board games.

Spring lights display

Hang some string lights and have them cover the entire pergola area. They’ll add an extra charm to your space. You can dine under the twinkly display for enjoyable summer nights out.

You can also include paper lanterns to add more detail and give it an additional wow factor.

Relax with some lemonade

Lemonade is an age-old summer hydrating drink that’s easy to prepare. So why not make a batch and relax under your pergola shade and enjoy it in the beauty of your outdoor space? Better yet, include the kids to make it a fun family activity.

Arts and crafts

Crafting is a fun pastime for all age groups – it allows you to express your full creativity as you enjoy the outdoors breeze. Practice origami, rock painting or weave—anything that appeals to you and your family.

Summer parties

Have some friends or family over and enjoy a meal together. You can enjoy light, summer finger foods and homemade cocktails.

There’s no limit to what you can do in terms of decor. Bottom line, you’ll have some good times with food and company under your pergola’s shade.

Final thoughts

A pergola area gives you several options for enjoying your summer. However, if the deck looks dull with rotting or splintered wood, it will put a damper on your plans. So, give your pergola a facelift – consider decorative ideas or a new timber decking design. Contact Pergola Land today to find out more.

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