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Why a Pergola is Always a Good Idea – Even if you Have a Small Yard

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Why a Pergola is Always a Good Idea – Even if you Have a Small Yard

A pergola is an excellent way to enhance your outdoor living space. It adds an elegant and unique style to your home, which can be tailor-made to blend in well with the rest of your house.

Even if your yard is small, a pergola custom-designed for your space can add a luxurious feel to an otherwise dull area. Pergolas come in different shapes and sizes; therefore, no yard is too small to have a pergola.


Why do you need a pergola?

Simply put, a pergola is a lovely addition

A pergola is a beauty to behold, especially considering it is a unique work of art custom made to suit your taste and surroundings. You will rarely find two pergolas that are the same; they are always built and decorated distinctively.

Add value to your property

The beauty and functionality will most likely lead to an increase in your property’s market value and make it more marketable. You only need to ensure that it is well maintained to retain its beauty and value.

Increase your space

A pergola will increase your dining or lounging space since it acts as an extension to your indoor living space. Pergolas are not entirely covered or enclosed, such that you can enjoy the cool breeze and outdoor scenery any time of the day.

You can also increase your garden space by hanging your potted plants on the roof slats or letting the climbing flowers grow on the structure. As the climbers grow, they will provide shade for the pergola while creating a stunning garden with your favourite plants, manicured to your taste.

Offer a great entertainment space

The pergola is a perfect venue for your beloved outdoor party if you are hosting guests. With some good lighting options for an outdoor dinner with friends, a well-set table, speakers playing your favourite music, and a cool breeze blowing through your hair, the setting will be nothing short of a classic movie scene.

A pergola offers numerous design options

When designing your pergola, there is a range of materials you can consider using. Pergola Land experts offer professional on-site consultations to prospective buyers giving suggestions of suitable designs for your project.

The pergola roofing types include polycarbonate sheets that allow light while blocking heat by up to 25%—making your pergola the most fabulous non-air-conditioned space within your home.

The Alfresco range of insulated roofing keeps your pergola cool in summer and warm in winter so that you can revel in the outdoors in all seasons.

Another option is the louvred roof system which is remote control operated and has automatic rain sensors. These are a great convenience, and they offer a taste of the more exquisite lifestyle.

You can choose to have your pergola fitted with privacy screens that will shut out your space from the wondering eyes of passers-by or neighbours—allowing you to relax comfortably without disturbance.

You can also choose from different types of timber according to your aesthetic preference and the advantages associated with each type of wood.


Final word

A pergola is a must-have for any home, big or small. Enjoy the outdoors, increase your garden space, wow your guests, and add value to your home with a versatile timber deck design under the shade of a lovely pergola. Contact Pergola Land to enquire today.

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