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5 Ways to Enjoy Summer (Even in La Nina)

5 Ways to Enjoy Summer in La Nina

5 Ways to Enjoy Summer (Even in La Nina)

Summer is, arguably, the most enjoyable time of the year. With a break from work and schools closed for the holidays, it’s the perfect time to catch up with your family and friends.

However, a little rain should not halt your summer plans. If you’re creative, you can have a good time without worrying about the weather.

Here are some clever ways to enjoy summer, even in La Niña.


Start a Kitchen Garden

Start a kitchen garden if you need something new to do on a wet summer afternoon. It’s a fun project that allows you to grow fresh food. Besides keeping you active, it saves you money.

Many homeowners think they need more space to start gardening, but kitchen gardens don’t require acres of space – you only need creativity.

A few terracotta planters are enough for a start. You can grow microgreens and herbs, ensuring you no longer frequent your local grocery store. Growing food yourself also promotes healthier eating.


Bring the Indoors Outside

Regardless of your yard’s size, you can transform it into an extension of your house and create an inviting outdoor living space.

First, consider the intended use of your outdoor living space. Do you want your patio to be an entertainment area or a formal dining room? Does an outdoor kitchen sound fanciful?

Once you know what you want, work on the layout. Team up with Pergola Land to draft plans and consider the scale, then fill out the layout and select your preferred materials.

Use the same flooring as you have indoors to create harmony and the illusion of a bigger space. When this isn’t practical, opt for timber flooring because it’s easy to clean and offers a neutral backdrop for styling.


Family Game Night

Family game nights provide an opportunity to strengthen the bond between family members. You can pick a theme and find a matching game or choose a game everyone enjoys. Popular choices are board games, card games, and interactive games.

Make the game night memorable by getting snacks, beverages, and desserts. You’ll enjoy getting a bite when changing from one game to another.

Also, switch off your phone and other handheld devices, ensuring the time is meaningful and free from digital distractions.


Romantic Date

Many people consider rainy weather the most romantic climate. If the rain forces you to stay indoors, make the most by spending quality time with your partner. Select your favourite outfit and do something together, such as preparing dinner, playing games, or watching movies.


Embrace the Rain

Instead of sitting indoors looking at the bleak weather outdoors, be part of it. You’ll quickly feel like it’s bright.

Many people dread getting wet, but a few raindrops make you feel connected to nature. It provides refreshment and a different feeling from everyday life. For a few minutes, you feel what it’s like to live without central heating and air conditioners.


Wrapping Up

Rain in the summer is unusual, but it doesn’t have to ruin your plans. The tips above can help you have fun when it is rainy.

If your outdoor decking needs renovation or upgrading, contact Pergola Land today. We have vast experience in creating luxurious outdoor living spaces, ideal for all weather conditions and seasons.

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